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About our Payment Schedule

At 'Little Big Learners' we understand childcare costs can be a burden and we do try and make paying as simple as possible. Advance payments for sessions booked are required but we are happy to accept regular weekly or monthly payments. We will provide an invoice/booking confirmation for all pre-booked contracted places four to five weeks before each half term. Parents/carers are encouraged to contact us via email if there are any issues with meeting payments so that all parties are clear on what is happening. We ask that payments are prompt and we are not required to chase outstanding invoices. An admin charge will be applied to bookings if we are required to chase payments, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

For all 'ad-hoc' childcare sessions that are created during the term or school holidays, invoices/booking confirmations are emailed as soon as the booking has been placed. If you do not receive an email confirmation for an ad-hoc booking then you may not have clicked through to the final confirmation page.

Again, please see our Terms and Conditions section regarding late payments and extra charges that may occur.

'Little Big Learners' accept payment BACS or we accept all Childcare Vouchers. We are currently registered with a wide range of voucher schemes (see below for examples). The full list is provided as a payment method option on our booking page and included any additional information that you may need to process a transaction. If you can not see the scheme that you use on our booking page then please get in touch and we can assist you with this.

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