These terms and conditions are additional to the contract between 'Little Big Learners' and its customers. They are to govern the basis on which we agree to provide childcare services to you.

1 Obligations on 'Little Big Learners'


1.1 We will:


1.1.2 Provide the agreed childcare facilities for your child at the agreed times (subject to any days when your child’s childcare is closed). If we change the opening hours of childcare service we will give you as much notice of the decision as possible and, if necessary work with you to agree a change to your child’s hours at 'Little Big Learners';


1.1.3 Provide you with regular verbal updates as to your child’s progress on request;


1.1.4 Notify you as soon as possible of any days on which we will be closed.


1.1.5  Provide information on any accidents or injuries which may have been sustained whilst in our care. We are obliged to inform Social Services of any child protection or safeguarding concerns about the children in our care.



2 Obligations on you

2.1 You will:


2.1.1 Complete all online details accurately when booking your child's place. Immediately amend any changes to the information you have previously provided on our online booking system;


2.1.2 Complete a Medicine Consent Form if you require our staff to administer any medicines to your child (whether they are prescribed or over the counter medicines);


2.1.5 Inform us if your child is the subject of a court order and provide us with a copy of such order on request;


2.1.6 Parents/carers must notify staff of any injury sustained by their child outside the club in order to establish the injury did not occur whilst in our care.


2.1.7 To provide the club with any information regarding people who are permitted to collect your child. They will not be permitted to leave the club with anyone other than those identified as the main contacts without prior arrangement. Proof of identity will be required and a password may be requested. If we are not reasonably satisfied that an individual is allowed to collect your child we will not release your child into their care.

3 Payment & Additional Charges

3.1 Our fees are based on an hourly fee which shall be notified to you in advance of your child starting (via our online booking system).  We may review these fees at any time but shall inform you of the revised amount at least 1 month before it takes effect.

3.2 Children collected after the collection time booked will incur the following charges:


            * Children picked up late before 6.00pm = £5.00 charge for each subsequent hour entered.

            * Children picked up after 6.00pm = £5.00 every 15 minutes.


Please inform staff if you expect to be late. Any charges will be provided on a new invoice. The charges above include an administration charge.


If a child has not been collected and contact has not been made by 6pm then a 5 minute allowance will be given before a parent/carer is contacted via the number(s) provided. 


If however, there is no contact with staff by 7pm social services duty team will be contacted on  01905 768020 (out of office hours – covers whole country).  It may also be necessary to contact the police on 0300 333 3000 (this is the non emergency number for the West Mercia Constabulary).


3.3 Payment of childcare should be made in advance. If outstanding fees are not paid following 30 days of the child/ren having started attending the booked session(s) on the invoice, we shall add a daily interest rate of 8.5% plus £40 admin fee to the customer. If the bill is outstanding following 60 days of the child/ren having started attending the booked session(s) we will revert to a Debt Recovery Solicitor in order to assist with the collection of fees. The customer shall incur the full cost of instructing solicitors to recoup money owed.

4 Cancellations & Suspensions


4.1 If you wish to cancel your child’s place, 24 hours notice (before the session start time) is required for there to be no charge. Any money owed for cancelled pre-booked places will be credited to the next invoice generated via our online booking system. For a full refund this must be requested via email/text when cancelling the session.


4.2 We have the right to exclude your child if your child is unwell or suffering from any contagious diseases. If your child falls ill during the session we would appreciate your co-operation in collecting your child promptly. 48 hours is the duration in which we cannot accept children into our setting if they have suffered from sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis or any other highly contagious illness. We also reserve the right to summon whatever medical attention thought necessary in an emergency or case of severe illness.


4.3 We may suspend the provision of childcare to your child at any time if:


            * You have failed to pay any fees;

            * Your child’s behaviour at the childcare service is deemed by us to be unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of the other children,  The suspension shall continue whilst we try and address these problems with you. Please see our Behaviour Policy for more information.


If your child is suspended partway through a month, under the conditions stated above, we shall give you a credit for any fees you have already paid. This credit may be offset against any sums payable by you to us. 



5 General

5.1 We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant authorities.  We may do so with or without your consent and/or without informing you.


5.2 If 'Little Big Learners' has to close or we take the decision to close due to events or circumstances which are outside our control we shall be under no obligation to provide alternative childcare facilities or reimburse costs attached to the session(s) in question.

5.3 We carry a wide range of toys and equipment at 'Little Big Learners' and if your child brings toys with them we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to those toys.

We cannot accept responsibility for any lost item of clothing.  All items of clothing should always be named.

Published September 2018.

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